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We understand the frustrations that come from owning a building. There's a lot to deal with to maintain it successfully. Don't let the problems add something else to your to-do list and maintain your building's investments.


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My business has hired Oakum to work on a commercial condo building which required shutting off the water to the building for a few hours. Timing was sensitive for this project as we had to give the tenants notice and we only had between lunch and supper hour to do the work. They hit the window right when they said they would. I have only been impressed with Oakum for each call and look forward to continuing to use them.
3 years ago we didn’t have a plumber to maintain our properties. It was unorganized and very reactive. Now we have someone to trust, and know our buildings will be taken care of.
The best plumbers I know.


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  • Our time starts when we're on site, not our trip.
  • A journeyman on every call so you know it's done right.
  • We'll educate you. It's not worth feeling confused.
  • Respect to your building. We clean up after ourselves.


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What makes us different?

"the man without purpose is like a ship without a rudder"

When it comes to plumbing and heating issues, many people are at a constant struggle with finding the time or the right trade. Oakum Mechanical helps building owners run successfully so you spend more time doing what you want, and less on issues.