Tips to replacing your toilet

There’s a few small things that have helped us on the jobs that aren’t the most glamorous in the plumbing industry. If it keeps your lunch in the stomach, we’re all for sharing. True tests from in the trenches.

Replacing your own toilet

So if you’re not looking forward to the clean up of your own throne, here’s a few points to keep in mind.

1. Gloves

Safety first, pick up some Nitrile gloves. Grease Monkey 8mil are our staff pick, and available across the globe.

2. Oversized garbage bag

Before you begin disconnecting and removing the toilet. We like to lay a large garbage bag on the floor, in front of the toilet. Once you remove the toilet, you have a little bed for that throne to keep all of its goodies contained. 42gal Husky contractor bags are what we keep on hand. Shut the water valve off, disconnect the water supply hose and begin to remove the bolts at the bottom of the toilet.

3. Wall scraper

A 3” wall scraper will be your new best friend. Once you shut the water off, disconnect the water supply line and remove the toilet. The wax seal may be stuck on the toilet. If not, it will be left on the floor flange. Using the wall scraper to remove the old wax seal is ultimate plumber status. Scrape it off, toss it aside and haul the old toilet to disposal. Job well done.

Now you’re smooth sailing. Place the new wax seal on the floor flange (with the packaging removed), new nylon t-bolts into place, and drop the new toilet bowl down into position. We semi-tighten the bolts so you can double check the toilet is straight once the toilet tank is placed and tightened. Connect the water line with a new braided supply hose and you’re back in business.

We’ll get more content up soon, but wanted to start off with some basics!

Happy plumbing - the oakum team