Here’s how you can join in

We believe in working together with our community, and we’re living that out by providing our services to single moms at no cost. We didn’t want it to end there - we have a way for you to join in!


We provide the service

Once a month we review the nominated names of single moms in a team meeting, and select one of these hero’s that we can give to. Anything in plumbing - But these moms have needs that go beyond plumbing.


You buy the shirts

So we found some really comfortable shirts. We make them at low cost and sell for $35, and put the remaining into the Mom Fund. Contact us to order until we build it on our website.

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 1.14.35 PM.png

Moms get the plumbing + Needs met

We then use the money from the Moms Fund to help meet those extra needs we are already giving our services to: groceries, a utility bill, a new washing machine, etc.


Do you know a single mom?

If you know of a single mom in need of plumbing repairs we would love to hear her story! Simply scroll down to the nomination section below.


Nominate a single mom in need

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